January 12, 2011

Simply Brilliant!

Everyone has a collection of T-shirts, don't you?  Ones that the kids have given you on special occasions or as souvenirs of their worldly travels?  I've been on this t-shirt kick lately.  I've decided I love the 20's flapper style clothes and thought I'd do me up a flapper t-shirt.  Boy, did I get side tracked! 

I asked my husband yesterday evening if he had any old t-shirts that he doesn't want or can't wear.  He brings me 5 shirts.  Of those 5 shirts, 3 are from our son.  I'm thinking I can't destroy those memories, so... what shall I do with them. 

Whelp, on our sofa my husband uses a pillow to put behind his head (yes, it's the reclining side) when he's watching television.  I've had it covered with a pillow case, because I can change them like my mood.  After staring at the t-shirts for like 20 minutes, waiting for my inspiration to come (which was quick compared to some times), it hits me!  I will make him a pillow case for his "pilly".  One of them is a camouflage pattern so that left me with 2 t-shirts to work with...perfect!  Couldn't be easier!

I chop the fronts off of those babies and sew them up and wallah!  He now has a perfect cover for his pilly!  I'm thinking it would be an awesome Father's Day present...but, yeah... I could never have something so awesome hidden for so long. 

T-shirts can't be worn everyday, but the pillow case can remind him every day of how much his children love him!!!  Much better than a T-shirt don't you think?

In the process of deconstruction...
Fully deconstructed...

The final product for the Coolest Dad!!!

I bought this really cool book about three years ago for my niece and when I gave it to her, she gave it back to me with a big blah...she has aspbergers so her social skills aren't the best.  Well lucky me, because it inspired me (okay has been staring at me since calling me, whispering "t-shirt" ever so lightly in my ear).

If you have mountains of or even just a few t-shirts, you should really check the book out...  Generation T, 108 ways to transform a T-shirt by Megan Nicolay.  I bought the Michaels edition for like $14.95 and I think I just made my money back!  I'm sure Amazon has it...

Y'all have an awesome day and I'll catch ya on the flip flop!!!


  1. Thanks for following. Your pillow idea would be a great father's day gift (with the shirts you were working on) or anyone's gift. Is your son still on active duty?

  2. P.S. What is the size of your header? I'm always trying to find the right size. Thanks.

  3. Thank You! ...and Thank You! LOL Yes, my son is still on active duty... 12 years now, 1 week after he graduated from high school, that's what he wanted to do since he was 3 and will do it till he can't do it anymore. He is in Afghanistan right now. I'll have to look up the size for the header, it's a pic that I just kept resizing till I liked it, but I'll look up the exact dimensions and let you know! Thanks again!


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