January 8, 2011

In the spirit of renewal...

Last year (or maybe it was the year before, yeah, I think the year before), my daughter-in-law gave me a lovely red Christmas purse.  It "had" an awesome lime green boa sewed to it and a sprarkly christmas tree with an embroidered star atop it!  Oh, and did I mention it has a red with white polka dot cotton lining?  I loved it 'sew' much I just wanted to carry it longer than 4-6 weeks, once a year.  As I pondered the possibility I decided I may be able to do without the lime green boa and the sparkly christmas tree.  Sssssooooo, I came up with this brilliant idea of renewing it!  Tell me, what do you think of the renewing of my purse?


Renewal is in the details!!!

Not only did I kill the boa, I made an awesome gross-grain ribbon flower and some leaves and sewing them together and then sewed them to a snap barrette.  I also took a small piece of the ribbon and sewed it to my bag so that I can change my "flower" whenever I feel like it. 

for the spring maybe...

for when I wear my black t-shirt and red tennis shoes?
How easy is that...and the possibilities are limited only to my imagination (Okay, and if it will match with red and silver/gray, but what doesn't?).  Maybe I should start a photo blog, and I'll call it "As The Purse Turns"? 

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