April 6, 2011

From my Hammock...

My dear husband is at work saving lives, my lovely daughter is taking a break from saving lives and is now chasing her own monster and I, I sit here relaxing on my hammock. Enjoying the still a little chilly for me breeze. The sun is back and shining brightly, making all the newly emerged chartreuse leaves glisten as if emeralds in Ireland would!

I think to myself, like who else would I ‘think’ to? I always seem to come up with some really off the wall stuff when I’m on my hammock. Okay, well you be the judge...

  • At what ages does one’s wish or dream list become their Bucket List.
  • Why do people wait till one dies before they have a funeral? Why not go ahead and do it at say 50. The loved ones can be there for those grieving and then everyone can live the rest of their lives without worrying about the funeral, you die, you get buried...isn’t that simple?
  • Why do I feel chilly sometimes and warm at others when the temperature itself hasn’t changed?
  • Why do some of the same kind of birds nest in one type bird house and others not? Exactly what does a bird look for in a house? If the houses are all nearly identical, why would a bird look in 3 or 4, then just choose one of them?
  • Who the hell looked at a crop of cotton and thought, darn, I wonder if I sit here and spin and spin and spin and spin and spin this stuff, I can make me something to keep my toes warm? Or perhaps an old aged man whose wife was also aging and didn’t own a bra!
  • I remember my mom mom saying “back in my time...” and I think of very recent times when I’ve said the exact same thing to my grandchildren?
  • Will my grandkids ever know what an LP or an 8-Track tape player is?
  • Why are some underwear better for wedgies than others?
  • Who figured out that the gas that comes out of your um, bum bum; is flammable? I mean seriously...who???
  • Oh yeah, I need to figure out something to do with that darn shower curtain to keep it from wrapping itself around my body when I’m trying to wash it?
Actually, I must admit, this is several hammock times accumulation of thoughts or musings. Normally I spend a considerable amount of time on each ‘thought’ trying to seriously figure these ponderings out.

Have you ever had the same thoughts? If you’ve ever come up with any explainable conclusions, I’d love for you to share them with me, so the next time these issues come up in my brain, I’ll be able to safely put them to rest.

Have a great day ya’ll and if this is the only 5 minutes of your day that you waste, I hope it made you chuckle, if even only on the inside!

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