February 1, 2011

Flip Flop Time

     Howdy!  Okay, it's not really flip flop time and this post has absolutely nothing to do with flip flops.  Last time I told you I'd catch you on the flip flop, so... this post had to have flip flop in there somewhere.  (I promise that before the summer is over, I will have a very creative flip flop post!) 
     So I've been looking at this empty shelf in my living room ever since we packed away the Christmas decorations.  I'm thinking to myself that whatever I put up there next must be able to coordinate with my blue and red accent colors AND last through maybe a couple of holidays/seasons (I change things with the weather and or holidays or on a whim.)  Oh yeah, and I have to be able to make something from what I already have on hand.
     Yes, yes, yes... I know that is a hideous light!!! My darling husband got it at the dump just for me.  Everything works, it's just ugly and in need of a makeover.  Trust me when I say, it won't be long and you'll be the first to see the transformation.
      Anyway, I felt like painting this morning.  I looked around and came up with this piece of wood and got all my painting supplies out and began the creation. 

     After I painted up the wood, I printed the word "Happiness" on an 8.1/2 x 11 piece of paper, gosh I hate to waste so much paper, but...  I tore the word out and burnt the edges very carefully and over the kitchen sink, just in case.  I modpodged the word on to my block after the paint had dried.  I always learn things the hard way and this was officially my first paper to wood modpodge project so yes, I know it's wrinkly!!!  Happiness is a year round word, don't you think? 
     I cut 4 hearts out of different 'valentine' colored pieces of felt.  Then I hot-glued a letter that I cut out of white felt on to each one so that the hearts spelled out the word " L O V E".  Then I cut a square piece of felt and hot-glued a white felt piece sign that I also cut out on to it.  (I usually and in this case did, singe the edges of felt with a lighter...my trademark I guess.) 
      When I finished with my hearts and the piece sign, I made some little holders for them out of some jewelry wire I had on hand.  I took my handy dandy dremel tool and drilled holes for each in the top of the painted wood, shot some hot glue in to the teeny tiny holes and then stuck my wire holders into the holes (for stability).
I'm so excited... I absolutely love it and it was finished before lunch time!!!  Don't you just love it?
     Now, after Valentines day is over, I'll just take the letters (and maybe piece sign...get it...peace, love and happiness) out of the little wire holders, pop them in a sandwich baggy for next year, and maybe put some tulips in the holders, or pictures of the grandkids, or some decorated felt easter eggs?  Then when Easter is over... spell out mom with some felt flowers, or oh my, the possibilities are endless!!!  (Snowflakes in the winter, leaves in the fall...) 
     I hope you are inspired to create something that will bring a smile to your face today, even if it's just a cup of tea with honey in it or a piece of chocolate melted on top of a triscuit!   Looking foward to our next visit, I bid you adooooo...